Connecting with innovators in graphene electronics @ Mobile World Congress 2023

We are excited to travel to Barcelona for MWC 2023. We are looking forward to promote our high performance graphene and connect with innovators in graphene electronics. Looking forward to meet interesting people, discuss new ideas and discover opportunities for our graphene and 2d materials foundry.

Applied Nanolayers will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from February 27 to March 2, 2023.

Visit us at EIC pavilion: Booth 8.1A20-2


Mobile World Congress

At the MWC, industry leaders, innovators, and researchers converge to explore the latest advancements in mobile technology and consumer electronics. Graphene electronics stands out as a hot item due to its ability to address key challenges and push the boundaries of what is possible in electronic devices. We will be showcasing our high performance graphene and it’s power to transform the consumer electronics market.

One of the primary reasons graphene electronics will be relevant at the MWC is its potential for improving device performance. Graphene’s high electrical conductivity enables faster data transmission, leading to enhanced processing speeds and reduced latency in mobile devices.

Additionally, graphene-based photodetectors and sensors can enable advanced imaging and augmented reality applications, expanding the functionality of mobile and electronic devices.

The MWC serves as a platform for industry players to explore groundbreaking technologies.

We expect, graphene electronics will be anĀ  important topic at the MWC due to its ability to overcome existing technological limitations and propel electronic devices into the future. The MWC provides a perfect stage to showcase the transformative power of graphene electronics and our high performance graphene transfer technology. Hope to see you there!



looking for graphene electronics innovators at MWC 2023