Enabling next generation electronics with 2D materials

Wafer scale foundry specialized in delivering high quality 2D materials
Applied Nanolayers delivers foundry integration of high-quality 2D materials, such as monolayer graphene. Its fully automated production process enables growth and integration of monolayers and stacks of 2D materials on to customer substrates up to 200 mm in diameter.  

From research to commercial products
Applied Nanolayers closely collaborates directly with companies, research institutes and universities to drive their graphene applications to commercial viability. This usually requires a close cooperation to get products based on new materials to the market and Applied Nanolayers is committed to go the extra mile to realize it. 

Graphene growth and transfer technology
ANL’s growth and transfer processes are fully wafer based and do not introduce defects and contaminants common in existing roll and foil-based methods. This results in a more reliable and reproducible process required for mass manufacturability. 

Graphene applications
Applied Nanolayers manufactures wafer-sized graphene up to 200 mm diameter. The focus is on applications which require high-quality monolayer or few-layer graphene sheets. Some of the applications being worked on are: 

  • Bio sensors
  • Gas sensors
  • Magnetic sensors
  • Membranes
  • Photonic components
  • THz devices
  • IR imaging
  • Epitaxial Growth
  • Your application?

Other 2D material growth and transfer 
Many other 2D materials can also be grown with CVD technology and can be transferred similarly to graphene. Applied Nanolayers has equipment and know-how to manufacture such 2D materials.  .

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