Graphene Layer Transfer & Foundry Services

With over a decade of industry experience and technical expertise, we have developed the technology, tools and processes to manufacture high quality 2D materials on wafers. Our roadmap starts with graphene at the Back End Of Line (BEOL) in ‘More than Moore’ applications such as sensors and ultimately expands towards the Front End Of Line (FEOL) stacking sheets of TMDC material in future transistors.

There are competitors selling graphene flakes and films, but none has the same consistent quality of material, essential for electronic applications. We are alone in the field in having a tried and tested, scalable and reliable technology for 2D material production and layer transfer, an effective application development kit, and a foundry service based on the same expertise with 2D materials.

Our materials and services are unique in the way that they enable innovators in graphene electronics to take their next steps towards the development of products and services.


We deliver high performance graphene and other 2D materials transfer onto wafers

For graphene, we offer the following services:

Layer Transfer Service – ship us your substrate, or specify which substrate you need the graphene on, and we’ll put the graphene in place, inspect it and ship it back to you with an analysis report. You can then perform your own post processing to match your specific needs.

Application Development Kit (ADK) our ADK is made to help innovators build their ideas into a proof of concept and work with our graphene in their own in-house development, or when they can’t or do not want to ship substrates to us.

Foundry Service we are able to help our clients with foundry services for small and medium volume foundry production. Specify your chip design and we will perform the lithography on the graphene, fabricate electrical contacts and encapsulate the devices. We can also arrange the dicing of the chips.

The ANL service is based around your needs – whatever the level of involvement you require.



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