Applied Nanolayers will join the graphene electronics engineering community at Graphene Conference 2023 in Manchester

Applied Nanolayers will be present at the 13th edition of the Graphene Conference, Europe’s most prominent gathering dedicated to graphene and 2D materials. This highly anticipated event, held in Manchester, will bring together leading experts, researchers, and enthusiasts from across the globe to witness the latest advancements in the field of graphene and its applications. Applied Nanolayers will be part of this conference, and our CTO Richard van Rijn will deliver an invited talk at the industrial forum to highlight our graphene technology.

As the largest European conference focused on graphene and 2D materials, the event promises to deliver an exceptional platform for exchanging knowledge, fostering collaborations, and unveiling cutting-edge research findings. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in insightful discussions, attend keynote lectures by leading industry experts, and explore a wide range of presentations and exhibitions.

Applied Nanolayers will promote and showcase their graphene technology, which is able to produce high-performance graphene at scale. By precisely engineering these graphene nanolayers, we can modify graphene’s properties, enabling unprecedented control over its electrical, thermal, and optical characteristics. This advancement holds tremendous promise for the development of high-performance transistors, all kinds of sensors, and more graphene electronic applications.

Specialists from the graphene electronics engineering community will be at the forefront of this exciting development, not only pushing the boundaries of what is possible with graphene but also setting the stage for smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient electronic devices, offering tantalizing prospects for the future of semiconductor technology.

The integration of nanolayers provides a pathway to overcome the limitations of conventional semiconductors, offering solutions for heat dissipation and scalability. These advancements present fertile ground for the exploration of next-generation semiconductors that could revolutionize various industries and pave the way for advanced technological applications.

As the graphene community converges in Manchester for the 13th edition of the Graphene Conference, we are looking forward to being part of this event and making new connections and partnerships. Come and talk to us in Manchester

Engineering Building A, second floor, stand 22.