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Two-dimensional materials (2DM)

Large domain & low defect density monolayer graphene and hexagonal boron nitride from 50mm (2”) up to 200mm (8”) .

Foundry-lite integration to Back End Of Line (BEOL) for typical integrations to standard Silicon, GaAs, InP or hybrid and non-conventional substrates on request.

Products & Services - Applied Nanolayers

Material science professionals

Our experienced engineering and research capabilities in the field of surface science and ultra-thin film technology, provide our customers with the ideal platform to exploit 2D materials.

Advantage: wafer scale 200mm

Monolayer 2D materials with low defects and large domain size achieved with our advanced production process to grow our graphene sheets with large domain sizes with a low defect density on wafer sizes up to 200mm (8”).


Semiconductor devices, EUV pellicles, membranes, sensors, photonics, spintronics, THz devices.