Unlock the Potential of Graphene Electronics

ANL is building the next generation platform for the semiconductor industry. Conventional chips are reaching the physical limits of miniaturisation. But the single atom-thick layers of graphene and other 2D materials make it possible to go beyond the demise of Moore’s law. Graphene’s capabilities will be crucial to developing the next generation of graphene electronic devices from sensors to photonics.

As the leading innovator in the field, ANL has unrivalled expertise in applying 2D materials. Over a decade of experience working with key companies gives us a unique position. We can supply high-performance graphene at scale, with transfer technology and graphene foundry services to benefit established companies, innovators and researchers alike. ANL provides the next step in your product roadmap, from the established ‘More than Moore’ abilities of graphene to the transformative abilities of TMDCs in the future.